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"The relationship between Bangladesh and Britain stretches as far back as 200 years and more. Once this was a relationship of the ruler and the ruled, now it is one of friendship and co-operation. Today a huge Bangladeshi community thrives in Britain: perhaps their second or even third generations are on their way to establishing themselves in the mainstream British business, commerce and politics. Like many other ethnic communitites, Bangladeshis also have numerous financial, social and cultural organisations of their own scattered all around Britain. We don't want to be known as immigrants any longer. Ofcourse we are citizens of this country. But at the same time we don't want to lose our Bangladeshi identity, heritage and traditions, for then we will become a rootless community. A community without an identity has no dignity and honour. It is a fundamental duty of organisations such as (the Greater Manchester) Bangladesh Association (GMBA) to keep our heritage and culture alive and to ensure that their unextinguishable flames keep burning amongst our present and future generations. We are British and we are also Bangladeshi."

Abdul Gaffar Choudhury
A reknowned writer and journalist
10 January, 1994

Excerpts translated from the Bangla version (published in the GMBA booklet, 22nd January, 1994) by the author.

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