Other Products


We offer Lightning Protection including: active air terminal technology; flat tape systems in compliance to AS 1768 and UL listed smooth weave system. Surge and Transient Protection products including: a broad range of Bluetooth supported SPD’s and surge filters. As well as a comprehensive range of earthing hardware, including: earth rods (copper-bonded & stainless steel); earth enhancing compounds; pits; clamps; meshes; bonds; earth bars and conductors.

Our experienced team of engineers offering consultancy and design services for site audits, lightning protection and earthing system analysis.

The early streamer emission (ESE) concept

During a storm, when propagation field conditions are favorable, an OPR ESE air terminal will generate an upward leader. This upward leader from the OPR tip propagates towards the downward leader from the cloud at an average speed of 1 m/µs.

The emission of an early streamer to a lightning event delivers a beneficial triggering time compared to a single rod air terminal exposed to the same conditions. This in turn drives the enhanced performance and protective distance achievable by ESE devices.

The beneficial triggering time is determined as the average time gained at the moment of sparkover, with efficiency confirmed by high-voltage laboratory testing.

This beneficial triggering makes OPR air terminals especially effective for the protection of industrial sites, administrative or public buildings, monuments and open-air sites such as sports grounds.