As a separate facility within our factory premises and as part of contract manufacturing, we offer powder coating services. Our fully equipped powder coating facility was setup in Jan. 2012. This has enabled us to provide powder coated finish to all our transformers and switchgear panels.

Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. The coating is applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a skin. It is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

There are several advantages of powder coating over conventional liquid coatings:

  • Powder coatings emit zero or near zero volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  • Powder coatings can produce much thicker coatings than conventional liquid coatings without running or sagging.
  • Powder coating production lines produce less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coatings.
  • Powder coated items generally have fewer appearance differences between horizontally coated surfaces and vertically coated surfaces than liquid coated items.
  • A wide range of specialty effects is easily accomplished which would be impossible to achieve with other coating processes.

Our facility is equipped to offer high quality powder coated finish in all color ranges and for a vast array of products. Our test laboratory assures correct color calibration and ensures quality.


As a separate facility within our factory premises and as part of contract manufacturing, we offer Core Slitting Services for CRGO coils. Our fully automated Core Slitting Machine was setup in March 2013. This has enabled us to provide slitting for CRGO coils of any desired widths ranging from 50mm up to 1200mm and with very short lead times. For rates and availability of service please contact our office.


As a separate facility within our factory premises and as part of contract manufacturing, we offer Cut-to-Length Laminations of cores to any desired lengths. Our fully automated Cut-to-Length Machine was setup in March 2013. This has enabled us to provide core laminations of any specified size and shape and with very short lead times. For rates and availability of service please contact our office.


As a separate facility within our factory premises and as part of contract manufacturing, we offer Core Annealing Services for CRGO laminations. Our fully automated Core Annealing Furnace was setup in August 2013. Passing core laminations through the annealing furnace at 800 degrees Celsius provides improvement in its loss property. Thus transformers built with Annealed cores have lower losses. For rates and availability of service please contact our office.


With the help of our Fully-Automated Radiator Plant we are able to fabricate the most advanced design transformer tanks with Corrugated Fin-Type Radiators. We can provide Tank + Radiator fabrication as a stand-alone/contract manufacturing service for other transformer manufacturers. For rates and availability of service please contact our office.




Betelco has a dedicated team of in-house engineers ready to provide complete engineering solutions for any power-related projects, on Turnkey basis. Our knowledgeable, experienced engineers get involved early on from project conception and see it through development and implementation.

Team members have access to our extensive technical resources library, receive on the job training, are CAD literate and approach their tasks with confidence. We stay updated on industry related codes and regulations. At each stage of the process we work closely with the customer in understanding their needs, we accommodate for feedback, while always staying focused so that end goals are met in a timely manner and with perfection. Thus customers can leave the hard work to us while resting assured that a superior solution is achieved.

Recently, as a subcontractor we undertook the construction of several grid-substations in the northern part of the country. This included site work, substation building construction and works related to the switchyard.

Services include:

  • Design and implementation of complete substations, small and large
  • Design and implementation of BBT systems


Pharmaceuticals Plant 1250 kVA Transformer

Location: Savar, Dhaka

Client: Labaid Pharmmaceuticals


Installation & Commissioning


In over 2 decades of presence, Betelco has installed and commissioned thousands of transformers, switchgear and complete substations. Our team of service engineers and technicians are highly experienced and have received extensive training to ensure that our customers are in good hands.

Soon after delivery of the substation equipment to the site, our well-equipped installation team comprising of service engineers and technicians takes over. Included here is trenching for cable laying and earthing work. The installation and commissioning involves preparation of BOQ, ensuring availability of the right materials at the right quantity at the right time, placing and internal wiring of all switchgear and transformer equipment as per the regulatory authority’s requirement. A thorough check is done at the completion of the installation process to ensure the safety of the distribution equipment, efficient power distribution and to maximize care for the installation and the environment. Commissioning includes the checking of all connections and settings of equipment and ancillaries, load management, test run and finally supplying of power to the loads. Installation work is usually completed within 3-7 days depending on the size/complexity of the project.


Within warranty period, service is provided on call. Service beyond this period is provided at a nominal fee. Our service team is available 24/7 to respond to any emergencies and responses to normal calls are kept within 12-24 hrs.

We offer servicing/repairing of all types of switchgear (LT, HT, PFI), transformers and generators.

We also offer Annual or Extended Maintenance Contracts to ensure that the equipment is running at its optimal condition and to safeguard the life of the equipment. Service and Maintenance Contracts may include schedule maintenance, unscheduled maintenance, health-check and troubleshooting. During the contracted period, our personnel will visit customer’s facility as per the agreed schedule and provide service and maintenance.


Customers have the option of engaging our experienced logistics team to pursue ELB and Load Sanctioning Services for their projects on their behalf. During the entire process our logistics team works closely with the customer to collect, process and deliver relevant paperwork to the appropriate authorities. Our team maintains an excellent liaison with the authorities for the ultimate benefit to our customers. This service is provided at an additional fee.


Other Products


We offer Lightning Protection including: active air terminal technology; flat tape systems in compliance to AS 1768 and UL listed smooth weave system. Surge and Transient Protection products including: a broad range of Bluetooth supported SPD’s and surge filters. As well as a comprehensive range of earthing hardware, including: earth rods (copper-bonded & stainless steel); earth enhancing compounds; pits; clamps; meshes; bonds; earth bars and conductors.

Our experienced team of engineers offering consultancy and design services for site audits, lightning protection and earthing system analysis.

The early streamer emission (ESE) concept

During a storm, when propagation field conditions are favorable, an OPR ESE air terminal will generate an upward leader. This upward leader from the OPR tip propagates towards the downward leader from the cloud at an average speed of 1 m/µs.

The emission of an early streamer to a lightning event delivers a beneficial triggering time compared to a single rod air terminal exposed to the same conditions. This in turn drives the enhanced performance and protective distance achievable by ESE devices.

The beneficial triggering time is determined as the average time gained at the moment of sparkover, with efficiency confirmed by high-voltage laboratory testing.

This beneficial triggering makes OPR air terminals especially effective for the protection of industrial sites, administrative or public buildings, monuments and open-air sites such as sports grounds.


Solar Energy Solutions

The Sun emits energy in the form of electro-magnetic radiation that spans from deep ultra-violet through to far infra-red; 70% of the energy that reaches the Earth falls in the visible spectrum. While the ultra-violet portion of this spectrum is mostly shielded by our atmosphere, the remaining portion reaches its surface in the form of visible light (violet through to red) and heat (infra-red). Technology engineered for capturing both the light (visible and invisible) and the heat from the Sun now exists in the form of photo-voltaic cells (commonly known as solar cells) and heat converters respectively.

Photo-voltaic conversion involves the interaction of a photon with an electron inside a semiconductor material to generate electricity. This energy can then be used by any electrical device or transported through the national grid. Thus its transportability, combined with a pre-existing infrastructure to do so makes it a very useful commodity which can be bought and sold.

In general, economically feasibility is maximized for individual and remote consumers for charging cell-phones, running a radio or lighting in areas such as in a village home or school that has no grid connection. It is an ideal solution for access to electricity in rural areas in Bangladesh that are not yet connected to the national grid.

We have the engineering skill set to design and supply a turn-key solution as well as the practical experience to meet all your PV based solar power needs. Along with our local and global partners, we strive to find most cost-effective yet customized solutions for our customers. We can provide this as a stand-alone engineering service or package it as part of a larger scale new sub-station project where there is mandatory requirement for 10% provision of solar power.

Among our recent sub-station projects where in a government run hospital has involved the installation of solar power system to run fans and lights at an in-patient ward.



Our BBT partner is NAXSO from Italy. NAXSO has supplied BBT to over 300 projects in Bangladesh. NAXSO Sandwich is a modern busbar designed to guarantee high performances in a small dimension product.

High performances are due to the design that is simple and easy and due to aluminum alloy that is 1050, the most pure in the range of extruded aluminum alloys and 13% better performing that the traditional 6060. All the housings are metal zinc galvanized and additionally painted so that the protection against aggressive climate and ambient conditions is very high and even electrical performances are assured by the mix of every pure aluminum and very low temperature and power dispersion due to design and housing painting.

Two strong bolts in all the ratings up to 2000A and three bolts up to 4000A as well as five in 5000A make the joints to ensure a long life and constant pressure on all the conductors so that low maintenance is needed. When plug in is required a compact air busbar is made in the NAXSO Sandwich range to give the right balance between ultra-compact design in Feeder range and air compact to ensure good performance to all the tap offs installed and let an easy manufacturing of the busbar tap off up to 630A can be plugged along the busbar and up to 1000A on the joint.

Whole lot of accessories to suite the layout plan of buildings, vertical elbows, horizontal elbows, flange ends, combination elbows, reducers, expansion joints etc. are available.

NAXSO Research & Development (R & D)

NAXSO continue to focus on R&D efforts at technology intensive activities that are both commercially viable and protect the environment, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life.

Busduct System or Cable
Cable has long been a traditional means for power distribution in building services. But now with rapid changes in technology occurring daily in the modern industry and commerce, the requirement for an electrical system that can quickly adapt was felt. Busduct is a modern, efficient and cost effective means of providing motive power.

Today’s Busduct trunking provides a convenient and economical means of power distribution. The use of Busduct in recent years has increased and this growth offers the system designers, installers and end-users significant advantages. Henikwon SCM Busduct System has been found to be particularly useful in Construction, Hotels, Hospitals, Factories and others.

Benefits of Busduct
The benefits of using Busduct can be seen in many ways. For starters, costing and estimation of the quantities can be determined quickly and accurately

The compact design allows for easy installation and in many cases, the equipment can be pre-assembled prior to delivery which is very much a time saver.

The fact is that the material cost of Busduct trunking compared to cable is higher. But if the total cost of installation and labor along with time consumed are considered, the balance usually tips in favour of Busduct trunking.

The requirement for manpower during the installation of Busduct trunking is very much less compared to the installation work of cables.

Installation of Busduct is a great time saver compared to the installation of cables. Even during fault finding and maintenance work, Busduct emerges as a clear winner. The location of the faults can be quickly located.

Expensive plant downtime can be kept to a minimum when using bus duct trunking. Protective devices are usually in the form of tap-off units where circuit breakers can be installed. This helps to localize the fault when it occurs.

The availability of Busduct trunking is not a problem since more and more manufacturers are marketing their products in various parts of world. Electrical design with Bus Bar trunking is simpler than with cable because its characteristics are so well defined and documented.
Why NAXSO Sandwich

  • Robust Structural Assembly due to self piercing rivets thanks to German AVDEL Technology. The structural resistance in any point of the rivet area is 20 times higher than a welded point.
  • Two versions of the housing are available: Metal painted and Aluminum painted. Metal version is giving more tension and structural strength to the busbar and performing better in case of fire as metal has a melting point of around 1500 celsious.
    Aluminum version is giving an excellent earth path and reducing to the lowest level electrical noise and mechanical vibrations. Aluminum is light and can draw out the earth and make the busbar cooler because of the high conductivity Degree.
  • NAXSO busbar design has conductors 5 mm thick thanks to latest extrusion technology so that the single conductors are a little higher in dimension and the cooling is higher by 20% than competitors that adopt 6 mm thick conductors.
  • To guarantee a high joint stability and performances all the NAXSO sandwich joints have copper tin plated parts to joint bar to bar no matter if the busbar has Aluminum or Copper conductors besides tin plated Copper is totally compatible with Aluminum tinned or not or Copper tinned or not.
  • Final bending of conductors is a must in NAXSO sandwich because the very soft bending angle and the minor thickness of conductors makes a springing soft effect that means higher capacity in NAXSO joints to adapt conductors to the joint for a better connection and a lower tension drop in every joint.
  • NAXSO conductors 5 mm thick give to final part of the busbar a high springing effect to conductors that are more easy to be adapted to joint design. Thanks to this soft springing effect NAXSO sandwich joints do not need special strong torque and bolt can be closed since 40 newton meter to 70 newton. As well as all competitors need a strong torque that, if loose, compromise the performance of the joint.
  • NAXSO sandwich plug in is totally compact no air in any point of the plug in area no extra house in external design. Competitors that use to bend the busbars in joint area have a part of the busbar that is air insulated and so it is not sandwich design so that in three windows busbar three is around total 300 to 600 mm that are air insulated
  • Additionally every point where conductors are separated to let the tap off plug in they have 4 bendings in each conductor that means in total 12 bendings per single conductors and total 48 extra bending out of three meter compared to zero bendings in NAXSO plug in design. Every bending is causing very little tension drop and so after hundreds and hundreds of bendings the tension drop of a plug in busbar is totally different from a feeder busbar as well as impedance and all other data.
  • Minimum short circuit capacity is as a minimum level 70 KA for 1 second even in lower ratings since 800A and it is 50 KA for 1 second on 400A and 630A

NAXSO lighting busbar is an aluminum extruded very strong and light busbar track with a number of ratings 25-40-63A and assembled tracks mono busbar and double side back to back to en-sure COMPLETE SEGREGATION when needed for safety reasons. NAXSO lighting is the only lighting busbar in the market with six conductors in one housing so that when is double we can offer 6+6 conductors. All NAXSO tap-offs can be wired and connected to all six conductors both with or without fuses and enormous number of choices is offered and all the tap offs are rewirable.
Why NAXSO Lighting Busbar

  • Housing is Aluminum made with one extruded unassembled part instead of two. This means an exceptional strength against any “Helix” or “Wave” effect. The busbar is sturdy, rigid and stiff.
  • Aluminum body makes the busbar extremely light weight.
  • NAXSO lighting busbars have up to 6 conductors capacity plus the conductors are 690 volts. Any circuit can be wired both energy and signal as well as daly and bus controls up to 40 joints (120 MT). All the tap offs have up to 6 pins capacity for every single tap off and the big one (SBM) can even be fused up to 25A.
  • Aluminum body means excellent PE conductor 130mm2 around 90 mm2 copper equivalent. No extra PE is necessary. PE housing results in low noise material. The electrical magnetic field is roughly zero.

For your project quotation with NAXSO Aluminum/Copper Power or Lighting BBT, or for additional information regarding BBT, please contact our office.




Brand / Origin: Forest City / WellandPower / FG Wilson – UK
20kVA – 2000 kVA
Frequency 50Hz
Automatic Microcontroller based + manual Start / Stop System
Emergency Stop available as protection device
Built-in vibration skid for smooth operation
Auto Battery Charger (ABC) included
Synchronization: available

Brand / Origin: Perkins – UK / VOLVO PENTA – Sweden / MTU – Germany
Speed: 1500 RPM Induction
Induction System: Turbocharged
Engine Type: 4 stroke multi cylinder industrial diesel Engine suitable for tropical environment
Cooling System: Water cooled (Radiator cooled with engine driven fan)
Protection: Over speed, under speed, oil pressure, over heating etc.
Fuel Tank: Built in with base

Brand / Origin: Stamford / Mecc Alte / Leroy Somer – UK
Industrial brushless AC Alternator
Phase: 3 Phase Output (Volts): 400/415 volts (Line to line)
Cooling: Air cooling
Insulation Type: Class “H”
Protection: Industrial brushless design screen protected, fan ventilated, drip-proof, self exciting in accordance with IP23
Voltage Regulator: Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
Voltage Regulation: ± 1% / ± 1.5% power factor between 0.8 lagging & unity

Brand / Origin: Deep Sea – UK
Auto start (AMF) digital control module
Operation via push buttons on front panel with STOP, AUTO and MANUAL positions
Digital Instruments: Ammeter, Voltmeter, Frequency meter, Run-hour meter, Oil Pressure, Water Temperature
Alarm Indicator: Under/Over volts, Under/over speed, Under/Over Frequency, Low Oil Pressure, High Engine Temperature, Fail to start and Loss of speed sensing etc.
Load Transfer Time: Adjustable, Delay on start 1-25 sec, Delay on transfer 1-70 sec
Engine Cooling Time: 5 minutes maximum
Phase Failure Relay: Digital option and control for Main’s upper lower cut off voltage setting and adjustable hysteresis voltage, sensing option etc.

Please contact our office.
Origin: Foreign/Local built – Acoustic Enclosure & Weather Proof
Reducing Sound levels to 75 dBA @ 3 meter in open space
Air inlet and outlet options at alternator and radiator ends
Hinged access doors on either side with locking option
Cable entry gland apertures
Origin: Foreign/Local built
Supplied in suitable steel enclosure, wall mounted, fuses, magnetic contactor coil, indicators etc.
Interlocking: Electrical + mechanical
Magnetic Contactor / Motorized switch: 3 Pole
Brand of Magnetic Contactor: ABB or Equivalent
Auto Voltage Stabilizer (AVS): for protection of coil of magnetic contactor of ATS
Paint: Powder coated


We provide manufacturer’s warranty of: 1500 hours or 1 year whichever comes first – effective from date of delivery at client’s site. Warranty policy covers: any manufacturing defects or any premature wear & tear due to usage. Faulty part(s) is/are replaced/repaired within warranty period. Warranty does not cover: improper maintenance by the user, consumable items, servicing by unauthorized person, running the genset above it’s capacity or any unauthorized modification of the genset.


Includes Carrying, Loading, Unloading, Installation & Commissioning provided genset is installed in Basement or at Ground Floor level within Dhaka City. Not included are cost of commissioning materials, such as: Power/Control Cable, Civil works, Ducting, Manual labor, Silencer pipe Extension Work, Lube Oil, Coolant & any other materials that may be necessary for installation of genset.


Sufficient stock of spare parts is maintained to meet regular demands of our valued clients. After 12 months warranty period, we extend our support for servicing of gensets at a reasonable charge by entering into an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with our customers. On-call service is available 24/7 to attend to any types of emergencies.





VCB : 630A, 800A & 1250A
LBS : 630A
Frequency 50/60 Hz
IEC Standards


Up to 6300A
Frequency 50/60 Hz
IEC Standards


Up to 3400kVAR
Capacitor + Magnetic Contactor + PFC Relay + MCB / MCCB
Frequency 50/60 Hz
IEC Standards


Frequency 50/60 Hz
IEC Standards­­



Ground/Pole Mounted Oil Immersed Type
50kVA – 3150kVA
Frequency 50/60 Hz
IEC Standards

Oil Immersed Type
2.5MVA – 30MVA
7.2 – 36kV System Voltage
IEC Standards
Dry Type
Aluminum / Copper Windings
500kVA – 3150kVA
Frequency 50/60 Hz
IEC Standards
Oil Immersed Type
100kVA – 500kVA
33/0.415 kV
Frequency 50/60 Hz
IEC Standards
Provides Galvanic Isolation – Isolate Circuits
Block DC Signals, allows AC Signals to pass
Special Insulation between Primary and Secondary
Specified to withstand High Voltage between Windings
Designed to Block Interference caused by Ground Loops
Single Wound Transformer
For Voltage Transmission in Lower Range
Step-up / Step-down
Efficiency exceeding 99%
Please contact our office.